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YALLA is on a mission to remove the social and economic barriers that confront refugee and immigrant youth.

YALLA combines the promise of education and the passion of soccer to inspire refugee and immigrant youth to achieve a college education.

Watch this short video that featured on the Disney Channel to learn how Yalla has impacted one boy’s life.

“YALLA means everything to me. YALLA is who I am. YALLA is all you need to know about me. From that day I joined YALLA, I really liked my life.”

– Osama, student and soccer player, age 11


We start in elementary school with youth from around world, places like- Liberia, Iraq, Sudan, Guatemala, El Salvador, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Mexico. We utilize state of the art education technology to keep them at the edge of their ability and build a strong literacy and math foundation.

Every student has a curriculum individualized to their needs supported by a diverse network of volunteer tutors and academic staff.

When our students enter our high school program they have the confidence and skill set to pursue a college education through our resource-laden College Bound Program.

These students also play in our competitive and developmental soccer program.We emphasize skill acquisition, individual responsibility to grow as a player, and teamwork.

Our focus starts on teaching individual skills and then the team dynamics. We put individuals first and that makes our teams strong. We teach our students how to work hard to learn skills and this knowledge/value transfers to other parts of their lives.

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