Yalla College Bound Major Fair 2018

nearly every high school student reported knowing more about what life at a UC is like as a result of the event On Saturday, May 12th 2018, Yalla College Bound hosted its first Major Fair. At the event, eleven UCSD students volunteered to share the day-to-day realities of their majors with the high school students of the program. The UCSD students sat at tables with their notebooks and flyers from their majors. One or two high school students also sat at each table, and the high school students rotated every 15 minutes in a round robin. The conversations were all going really well. High school students were asking good questions (how big are classes, how much time do you spend on studying or homework, what are office hours) and UCSD students were providing good answers. I took a seat at the Computer Science table to listen to their conversation for a few minutes. They were talking to one high school student, a junior. They talked about how creating software was a form of engineering, because different people with different specialties all create different pieces of code, then put it together, [...]

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Yalla Senior Guest Speaks at UCSD Class

"It was an experience that I'll never forget!" By Stephen Bass, Yalla College Bound Manager November 20, 2017 On Tuesday, November 14th, Yalla's College Bound senior Flora visited UCSD as a guest speaker for Professor Luz Chung’s course on “Language, Culture, and Education." Once on campus, Flora met with UCSD students from Professor Chung’s class, who gave her a tour of Price Center, Warren Mall, and Geisel Library.  After the tour, Flora joined the students for their “Language, Culture, and Education” lecture, which covered the roles played by parental involvement and cultural expectations in education. As part of the lecture, Flora spoke to the class of roughly 55 upperclassmen, sharing her background as a student in Iraq, a refugee, and finally as a high school student in El Cajon. Flora also discussed her experience as a religious minority in Iraq and introduced the students to the educational expectations for Iraqi women and to stereotypes that exist within the country. Afterwards, Flora said, “I really liked speaking to the UCSD students. I think that the students were surprised to learn about different stereotypes within Iraq, as well as the stereotypes about students at El Cajon Valley High [...]

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On the RISE

Youth leaders at Idyllwild Yalla Youth Leaders On the RISE! By Janice Reynoso Last July, Yalla was fortunate enough to send five students to On the RISE, a six-day youth leadership retreat.  Our students, who ranged from a rising high school freshmen to a Yalla College Bound alumna, united with other youth from the urban neighborhoods of San Diego in Idyllwild, California, to spend the week focusing on adaptive leadership and transformational change. The days began with meditation and an invocation, followed by the day's activities, which included everything from yoga and hiking to creating Person of the Year Awards highlighting the accomplishments and impact each student envisions for him or herself.  Morning meditation After lunch, participants delved into a microcosm of our communities and entered “The Spiral,” where youth participants and faculty participate in a 60-minute discussion while seated in spiral. By design, some participants sat with their backs turned to others in the room, creating an awkwardness and an ambiguity. The silence, comments, gestures, and questions as well as the significance of where participants chose to sit and how they each represented others in society, all played a role in discovering the controversies, affirmations, and confusion [...]

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