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Yalla is the only college preparatory program in California with a mission to use soccer to motivate refugee and immigrant youth to help rebuild their lives in the United States. Yalla combines the promise of education and the passion of soccer to inspire refugee and immigrant youth to achieve a college education.


Language, Literacy and Math Intensive

The K-8 Academy uses a technology-based adaptive curriculum to assess and improve individual students’ academic needs in English and Math. With college graduation as the ultimate goal, YALLA helps to bridge the gap between refugee and immigrant students’ current education and the standards of public school thereby helping students to educationally prepare for their future. Students access their stored personalized curriculum each day during YALLA Academy through a personal handheld Tablet or Chrome Book. With this individualized method, often not possible in the public school system, the child is able to progress with the material constantly just ahead of them.


Developing Aspirational Goals

In College Readiness we support English learner students facing challenges while simultaneously preparing our 9th and 10th graders to consider a college career. Moving on from online-learning platforms to one-on-one tutoring and academic projects we focus on their school performance and engagement. Some of the students join the YALLA Leadership initiative, created in partnership with Rise San Diego. Our task at this stage is to keep them fully engaged with community and on track for higher education.


College Prep and Application Processes

The mission of our College Bound program is to bridge the gap for refugee and immigrant youth to successfully prepare, apply, fund and achieve a college education. The YALLA College Bound Senior Class work closely with a staff of 15 college-prep professionals with personalized support throughout the entire college application process. We provide standardized test preparation, assistance with the college search, application counseling, personal statement coaching, financial aid and scholarship support and the development of life skills necessary for the achievement of a college education.


We employ a whole-person approach to player development focusing on self-reliance through skill, responsibility and accountability. Yalla develops confident and creative players who can combine effectively with teammates or using individual moves to beat defenders. We play in the largest San Diego youth league, which spans the whole of San Diego county.

of our K-8 Scholar-Athletes improved at least one grade level
was the overall increase in student SAT/ACT scores
of our college applicants were accepted into STEM majors

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