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Our Mission, Our Vision


Last year we moved into a fantastic new facility on Main Street, El Cajon. Now, we’re working on our new website.

Over the next few days and weeks please come back frequently as we post new information about our expanding programs and volunteer opportunities!

YALLA was created in response to the increasing refugee crisis faced by San Diego County and El Cajon in particular. El Cajon holds the largest amount of refugees in all of San Diego County, and also represents its most impoverished city, with a poverty rate of nearly 28%.

Poverty is a cycle perpetuated by poor education and language barriers, two of the largest problems faced by many immigrant families arriving in El Cajon. Our ultimate goal is to break this cycle of poverty by targeting these two problem areas. We recognize that each and every human being has the potential to succeed in life and break free from poverty. We also believe that those who are successful inspire others, reversing the cycle and breathing life and vibrancy into the whole community.

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